5 Places to See in Moscow from Above

It is hard for foreigners and even for locals to grasp the size of Moscow. Moscow is 2500 square kilometers, which is 9 times more than Paris or can easily fit in the whole Andorra or Malta. 

Let’s look at the city from above to get an understanding of the scale! Here are 5 places where you can do that! 

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1. Ostankino TV Tower

The tower offers 2 observation decks at the heights of 337 meters (an inside deck) and 340 meters (an outside deck). Mind, that the outside deck only works in summer and only in good weather conditions (you don’t want to get blown off there by the wind, right?). There you also learn a lot about how the TV Tower functions, how it was built and can enjoy a meal at a café or a restaurant (the floor is slowly rotating 360 degrees). Oh, did we mention the glass floor? 

We can include the visit to Ostankino TV Tower with our guide in our Soviet Moscow tour, check it out! 

One very important thing: you will need your passport with you to visit.  

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2. Panorama 360 Observation Deck

Located at the 89th floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow City. This is officially the highest observation deck in Europe and it has a 360-degree view so you can see Moscow in all directions. 

Our recommendation is to visit in the late afternoon (or early evening in summer) – in that case you will be able to see the city in the daylight at first and then in twilight and see the lights and illumination switching on – a breathtaking view! 

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3. Sparrow Hills Observation Deck

This observation deck is perhaps the most popular and well-known in the city (and we take you there during our Moscow Driving Tour). From here you can see the Moskva-River, Gorky Park, Luzhniki Stadium that hosted the finals of the FIFA 2018 World Cup, Moscow City Complex (Moscow Skyscrapers). The deck is located near MGU (Moscow State University – one of the famous Moscow Seven Sisters Skyscrapers) and near the only Moscow zipline. 

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4. Observation Deck at the Central Children’s Store 

Located at the rooftop of the Central Children’s Store in central Moscow and you get to see the Kremlin Towers and Kremlin stars as well as the quaint roofs of old Moscow Centre. 

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5. City Space Bar 

Now this is a perfect place to enjoy the views of central Moscow from the 34th floor of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy building, feel the vibes of the city that never sleeps, enjoy a sophisticated drink and listen to popular DG sets. 

We suggest reserving a table in advance.