Alexandra - Moscow Private Guide
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Moscow… Marvelous, magnetic, mysterious, mischievous, mother-like, mine… Each place is something alive and has its own appearance, spirit, character, even speed (and I don’t refer only to the transport). For getting to know the city better it’s important to ask questions at every time and in every place. “Why is this street (square/station/river/pond) called so? Why does this building have such a strange architecture? To whom is this monument dedicated?” Once you started doing it regularly you’ll see how multifaceted the city is. One of the reasons why I love Moscow so much is because being the same it’s always different and never stops surprising me.

As a linguistics graduate, I’m very interested in the toponymy of Moscow. I’m also fond of theatre and everything related to it. What else but Moscow can offer so many places to visit and plays to see?

Multinational, mystical, magnificent, musical, modern… Everyone finds his own Moscow. Come and discover with us what it is like exactly for you.


“Nuestra guía Alexandra fue excelente, muy amable y puntual y siempre compartiendo su conocimiento de los lugares que visitamos y respondiendo a todas las preguntas que teníamos. Alexandra fue muy flexible para organizar el orden de las visitas y poder incluir tiempos de descanso y pequeñas paradas para alguna compra de souvenirs en el camino.”

Diavila, Madrid, España

“Excelente la visita guiada por Alexandra. Ella muy informada, en un perfecto español.
Súper recomendable.”


“Alexandra es una Guía formidable. Un español excelente y un conocimiento de la ciudad fabuloso.
100% recomendable”

Rodaso, Argentina