Speaks English

I am addicted to Moscow. I was born in Moscow region, so Moscow has always been a part of my life, every street reminds me of something from my childhood or school/university years. I studied linguistics and cross-cultural communication at university and then worked as a translator and interpreter.

Guiding has always been my beloved hobby. I have always been interested in the history and architecture of Moscow. I have read tons of books and walked thousands of miles. First I guided for my foreign friends, I have them all over the world. Then I made a major decision and became a guide, I did a guiding course and made my dream come true, my beloved hobby became my job. A walk in Moscow for me is a cure-all. I charge my batteries when I walk along the streets of Moscow. Every time I notice something new on the facades of the buildings, they open their secrets step by step. Studying your city is always a quest, a puzzle, an exciting game.

I love travelling, studying new languages, meeting new people. It helps me be unbiased and open-minded. I use every opportunity to travel and to learn a foreign language. I can also speak Italian (I learnt it at school) and German (it was my second language at university and I studied one semester in Germany). I also learned some French, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish.

I enjoy sharing my love for the city, I am eager to show the true Russia without stereotypes, to show the best of it to everybody.