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Due to its history and heritage Moscow is a city of great contrasts where one can find a wide variety of activities to suit every preferences and budget. Being the capital of Medieval Russia for many centuries, it was from Moscow that the country was governed, beginning from its early statehood up to its imperial greatness, not even excluding the two hundred years when Saint Petersburg was the capital of Russian Empire. This is so, because even at that time Moscow maintained its political, cultural and spiritual position. To understand the present one must learn about its history.

As for me, I was born in Moscow and completed my studies here. Traveling, sightseeing, singing in a choir, history, social science topics and making silver cloisonné (hot enamel jewelry) are among my core interests. Being quadrilingual, easy-going, independent, enterprising, proactive, a team-player, comfortable in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, I have been giving guided tours for already 12 years as a hobby, in addition to my main work as a lawyer. The first and most memorable guiding experience I’ve ever had was a Moscow constructivism tour for Swiss architects in 2005.

I have lived in total about ten years in Geneva (Switzerland) and now for almost three years I am back in Russia and fully engaged in being a tour guide and interpreter, which allows me to meet new people, preserve and develop my linguistic skills and provides a constant involvement with history. But, most importantly, this occupation gives me an opportunity to show a diversity of the beautiful landscapes of my country, display our rich culture and be part of an unforgettable and exciting tourist trip to Russia. 


Come and explore Moscow with us!