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I became a guide because I love traveling and communicating with people from all over. I believe people are the same everywhere, that we are the same no matter country or language. The more people I meet the more I find that this idea is true.

The best part of my job is to see how people’s stereotypes are being broken. Stereotypes about everything. Life, people, architecture. I believe travelling breaks stereotypes and walls of misunderstanding.

My favorite places in Moscow are places that you won’t normally visit as a tourist. E.g. Muzeon park is definitely one of them. It’s an oasis of serenity, good vibes and coffee-shops). And a unique open-air museum of fallen monuments is situated there as well.

One of the biggest challenges for a guide, I believe, is the fact that your tour will never be the same. Depending on people, each tour is unique and that’s why it is not only a challenge but also an endless opportunity to grow.

The main tip I can give for tourists coming to Russia…. Is not being afraid of Russian people! (Yes). The funniest thing with Russians is that we sometimes look grumpy till the moment you come and start talking. Russian people will change in a second and you will see, they can smile!

I like to compare places with people. Moscow. What kind of person would it be? Age. Gender. Character. Habits. Would you be friends if you meet? The answer would be unique for each and every of you, but the only thing I am sure about, is that the city would surprise you.

I like it how speechless buildings, traditions, cities start to communicate with you when you learn more about them. And how a simple walk becomes an adventure and a dialogue between you and a city when you know more. I like my job for the endless opportunities to grow. You can never know everything about the city, about every street, about arts, but you can always dig deeper. Follow your curiosity. Explore. And let’s explore together!

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What other tourists say about Natalia?

"...We found Natalia to be a delight; very personable, knowledgeable, flexible, enthusiastic, helpful and her English was impeccable. Nothing was too much with Natalia. She was patient and always had a smile and was fun to be around. Natalia did a great job explaining things and by the end of the day we felt that she was truly our friend..."
Eleanor & Gary Wilmott, Simi Valley, California