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«You’ll never forget a friend, if you made friends with him in Moscow…» These wonderful words from one great soviet movie come to my mind, when I think about the capital of Russia.

Though I don’t come from Moscow, there’re lot’s of things, I’m bound with Moscow by: my home town Dmitrow is with Moscow in some way related-they were founded by the same Prince, but Dmitrow a little later, that’s why they call it facetiously the «younger brother of Moscow».

I used to live in Moscow for a long time, I studied there linguistics and translation at the University-that was the time, when I began to fall in love with this beautiful, enigmatic, even paradoxical city. I read about Moscow a lot, I like its ancient charming streets, museums, sights and have a fancy for its history, and I know for sure-you may love its special beauty, you may hate its traffic jams and hurry, but this city leaves nobody indifferent and makes a deep impression on everybody!

I invite you to make a fascinating journey across the present and the past; we’re going to visit the most interesting places and you’ll get the answers to many questions; you’ll know different unusual stories-some mysterious, some funny; you’ll make classy photos and maybe you’ll see ghosts (don’t be surprised).

It’s written in the Bible: «In the beginning was the Word»; and in the beginning of Russia was Moscow.

Dear guests, I envy you, you’ll get to know this city!

What other tourists say about Olga?

“Before flying back to London I decided to stay a day in Moscow. Not knowing the city I booked a tour and chose Olga as my guide. I’m so glad I did! Olga was a great companion for the day; knowledgeable, fun and enthusiastic! She made me feel really comfortable and I saw everything that I wanted to, plus the Moscow Arts Theatre after we discovered a mutual love of theatre and Stanislavski! I would definitely recommend the tour and especially Olga.”

“It was a very rainy day, and I only had one day in Moscow, so I thought it’d be all ruined. I was wrong, Olga was the perfect guide, nice, knowledgeable, caring, friendly and smart. At a leisurely pace, we saw everything with right amount of information. Thanks a million, Moscow Private Tours and Olga!”
Joana_Rebola, Drogheda, Ireland

“The tour was just marvelous. We didn’t know Moscow had so much culture, and so much history. We really had a wonderful time. Our guide Olga was absolutely wonderful. She knows everything and explained us in details, speaks English very fluently and a great help. Definitely recommend! Do ask for Olga as your guide.”
KamKure, Libreville, Gabon

“I booked the “Moscow Must See’s (Private Walking Tour)” over the internet. My tour guide, Olga, was simply amazing, very very informative and educational. Olga presented the individual tour sites with such enthusiasm, demonstrating the history of the sites with back to back historical information and cross referencing this information with global references from around the world…”
Steven S