"She Moscow" Private Signature Off-The-Beaten-Track Tour in Moscow

Moscow is a woman, even the gender of the word is feminine. And she has dozens of faces - a mother, a queen, a con artist, a nun, a prostitute, an angel, a witch, a muse, a doll and many others. Dive into the history (or herstory) of Moscow via stories of outstanding women - both famous and notorious - walking up and down one of seven hills, which preserved a unique atmosphere of old Moscow with narrow, crooked streets and reminders from different époques. It's a perfect choice, if you want to see Moscow off the beaten track.

Exclusive Signature Tour
Duration: 3 hours
Private guide right from your hotel
Off the Beaten Track
15+ woman stories, 1 of monster
Available: daily
Transportation: walking/metro
Activity level: Moderate


Adults:  Children (0-14):
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Tour highlights

Hotel pick-up

Hotel Pick-up

Anastasia (our guide) will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. If you stay outside of the city area, we will offer you alternative meeting options.

The Convent of St. John the Baptist

The Convent of St. John the Baptist

  • Who was the Russian Iron Mask?
  • Who was deprived of being called a woman?
  • How could men get rid of their wives legally?
  • Where can you find Florence in Moscow?
The Morozovs' Garden

The Morozovs' Garden

  • Where is the only oasis of the gardens, founded in the XV century?
  • How could a widow multiply the inherited fortune 5 times?
  • What love triangle inspired one writer and one film director?
  • Who became the most Russian painter being Jewish?
Khitrov Marketplace

Khitrov Marketplace

  • What was the most dangerous place in Moscow?
  • Who was the most famous female con artist?
  • Where can you do treasure hunting?
The Chambers of Ukraintsev

The Chambers of Ukraintsev

  • How is the area connected to Ukraine?
  • Where was the first squat in Moscow?
  • How did fashion change with time in Russia?
  • Where were the first works of Chaikovskiy printed?
  • What woman made Chaikovskiy popular?
The Chambers of Mazepa

The Chambers of Mazepa

  • Who got the only medal of Judas?
  • Where was the female part of the house?
  • What were the main activities of noble women?
The Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

The Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

  • What world-know conductor made Russian women faint in this protestant church?
  • How could a crematorium save a pipe organ?
  • What building in the centre of Moscow has the original clock from the bell tower of the church?
The Mansion of Knopp

The Mansion of Knopp

  • What businessman managed to sell his equipment to almost all the fabric-producing factories?
  • How is this mansion connected with Yukos?
  • What woman became the first female hero of the Soviet Union?
The Estate of the Dolgorukov's

The Estate of the Dolgorukov's

  • What two Russian empresses were trend-setters?
  • What were the languages of fans, flowers and beauty spots?
  • What size was the waist of empress Catherine II?
The Chambers of Sverchkov

The Chambers of Sverchkov

  • Who was a candy tycoon in the Russian empire?
  • Why did his wife donate much money on building a maternity home?
  • Why did he hire blonds in one candy shop and brunettes in another one?
The Estate of Rumyantsev (The Embassy of Belarus)

The Estate of Rumyantsev (The Embassy of Belarus)

  • How to open a bottle with a sable like a Russian hussar?
  • What woman disguised herself as a man and served in the Russian army?
Back to your hotel

Back to your hotel

At the end of the tour we will take you back to your hotel.

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