5 Places to Visit Under The Ground in Moscow

Moscow offers incredible experience not only from above but from under the ground too! Make sure you visit at least the first 2 places on the list:

metro Moscow Private Tours

1. Moscow Metro

It is going to surprise you and leave you in awe. It is no joke that Moscow metro is one of the top attractions in the world. It is not just trains running below the surface – it is the most precise transport system, a palace, a museum and someimes even a stage at the same time. You won’t see anything like that anywhere else in the world, we promise.

bunker Moscow Private Tours

2. Bunker-42

The Cold War Museum: another one-in-a-lifetime experience you can get in the heart of Moscow. This is a real wartime bunker located 18 floors under the ground in central Moscow which was declassified in the 90s. Group tours in English are available at least twice a day. It is best to call them and reserve a spot in advance.

barcat Moscow Private Tours

3. Shelter Bar Schrödinger’s Cat

Probably the most hidden bar in the city. Good luck finding the secret door on the plain wall and a doorbell elsewhere. The bar’s capacity is small so requires reservation which is also going to be your password in case you need the staff to open the secret door for you from the inside.

shoppingmall Moscow Private Tours

4. Okhotniy Ryad shopping mall

A beautiful shopping mall going 3 levels down under Manege Square by the Kremlin wall. Make sure you go out of it towards the Alexander Garden – a small alley of sculptures depicting the characters of Russian fairy tales await you there. You may also see them during our Moscow Must-See’s Private Tour.

arcmuseum Moscow Private Tours

5. Moscow Archeological Museum

A little museum 7 meters under the ground near the Red Square. Discover Moscow 300 years back and see numerous treasures and archeological findings hidden in central Moscow.