I was born in Moscow and you can’t but love your native city, right?

When I was a kid I just looked around and absorbed every single thing surrounding me in this big amazing world and native but still unknown city. Everything fascinated, inspired and sometimes shocked me. But when I became a grown-up, I started studying first as an interpreter and then as a guide and found so many answers to my questions concerning linguistics, history, geography, art, music and even engineering of my beloved city. Moscow is a city of contrasts where old historical buildings neighbor with modern shining skyscrapers, where 2 epochs meet and the Soviet-era peculiarities still influence the bossy century and where they say that there is a country inside the country.

So I invite you to make a fascinating journey together! I’ll tell you who was the first to build the Kremlin walls, where the second river surrounding the Kremlin is hidden, what “a herring under a fur coat” is, why the word “Russian” has 2 meanings, where to rub a dog’s nose for health, prosperity and love and many other gripping things. i’ll do my best to make your stay in Moscow unforgettable!

What other tourists say about Евгения?

"Not only did Zhenya possess a wealth of knowledge about the history and the main attractions in and around the Kremlin, she also spoke perfect english which is not easy to find."

Joe, Dubai, UAE

"She is absolutely terrific. She speaks English better than most Americans. Zhenya shared her extensive knowledge of the area around Red Square and her personality is warm and pleasant. She is a genuine ray of sunshine for a raining day."

Michael R, Atlanta, US

"Zhenya communicated with me in excellent english and made sure that I get the most out of the tour. I enjoyed every single second of it!"

Vicky T, UK