I was already grown up when I moved to Moscow. I actually never planned to. Although I visited the capital quite often and the city’s spirit was familiar, it never occurred to me that I can live here.

To my mind, each city is like a human with its own soul, character, background, habits, way of life, preferences… Each city is alive. It sometimes seems to me that Moscow has chosen me – not I’ve chosen Moscow. It gave me the overwhelming feeling of safety, support and confidence. It made me realize that exactly here – not anywhere else – I can be myself, do what I was meant to do and become happy. I fell in love with the place where I felt at home.

When I need to “charge” myself I just go for a walk to my favourite parks, boulevards, embankments… I admire and adore sights that never become boring. The energy of this huge city is so powerful and magnificent that one when starts acquaintance can’t remain indifferent and uninvolved.

It’s really a great pleasure to see our guests excited, impressed and satisfied. And probably inspired for further discoveries!

We are proud of our city and want to share this pride with you. If you wish to explore Moscow with us – you are welcome!

What other tourists say about Juliette?

"We went on the city tour with Juliette. She met us at our hotel and guided us round the highlights of the city. An interesting tour. Juliette was friendly, informative and spoke excellent English. We really enjoyed it. She also gave us suggestions of where we could eat in the evenings and advice on using the metro."

GillyT, Harlow, United Kingdom

"What more could we have asked for as the expectations were more than we could have imagined – Juliette our guide was lovely, kind and a pleasure to spend time with…"

Nanahcub, United Kingdom

"Juliette is a delightful person and a wonderful guide. She was patient with our questions and thoughtful and candid in her explanations. We could not have asked for a better time in Moscow."

Livia D, Orlando, Florida