«You’ll never forget a friend, if you made friends with him in Moscow…» These wonderful words from one great soviet movie come to my mind, when I think about the capital of Russia.

Though I don’t come from Moscow, there’re lot’s of things, I’m bound with Moscow by: my home town Dmitrow is with Moscow in some way related-they were founded by the same Prince, but Dmitrow a little later, that’s why they call it facetiously the «younger brother of Moscow».

I used to live in Moscow for a long time, I studied there linguistics and translation at the University-that was the time, when I began to fall in love with this beautiful, enigmatic, even paradoxical city. I read about Moscow a lot, I like its ancient charming streets, museums, sights and have a fancy for its history, and I know for sure-you may love its special beauty, you may hate its traffic jams and hurry, but this city leaves nobody indifferent and makes a deep impression on everybody!

I invite you to make a fascinating journey across the present and the past; we’re going to visit the most interesting places and you’ll get the answers to many questions; you’ll know different unusual stories-some mysterious, some funny; you’ll make classy photos and maybe you’ll see ghosts (don’t be surprised).

It’s written in the Bible: «In the beginning was the Word»; and in the beginning of Russia was Moscow.

Dear guests, I envy you, you’ll get to know this city!

What other tourists say about Olga?

"Before flying back to London I decided to stay a day in Moscow. Not knowing the city I booked a tour and chose Olga as my guide. I’m so glad I did! Olga was a great companion for the day; knowledgeable, fun and enthusiastic! She made me feel really comfortable and I saw everything that I wanted to, plus the Moscow Arts Theatre after we discovered a mutual love of theatre and Stanislavski! I would definitely recommend the tour and especially Olga."

Galaxygirl01, USA

"It was a very rainy day, and I only had one day in Moscow, so I thought it’d be all ruined. I was wrong, Olga was the perfect guide, nice, knowledgeable, caring, friendly and smart. At a leisurely pace, we saw everything with right amount of information. Thanks a million, Moscow Private Tours and Olga!"

Joana_Rebola, Drogheda, Ireland

"The tour was just marvelous. We didn’t know Moscow had so much culture, and so much history. We really had a wonderful time. Our guide Olga was absolutely wonderful. She knows everything and explained us in details, speaks English very fluently and a great help. Definitely recommend! Do ask for Olga as your guide.”"

KamKure, Libreville, Gabon