Since my early childhood it had been my dream to live in Moscow. Such a beautiful and powerful city attracts millions of people, not only me. About 10 years ago my dream finally came true to life. And I still find lots of new surprising places and things here. I mean Moscow has so many hidden places and each of them has its own unforgettable story. While walking, just turn left and, lo and behold, you’ll come across a historical building where someone famous lived. Go straight and I’m certain you will find something special.

When I embarked on tour guiding, I became more absorbed in history, architecture, art, religion, etc. This list can be infinite. And that’s one of the best sides of having this job. The more you study, the more interested you are in a subject. And as you may see, subjects are very distinct.

More than that, I adore travelling, and it’s hard to say which part of the world inspires me most of all. Every country, every region is so unique, so inimitable. But wherever I travel, I always leave my heart here, in Moscow city.

I do love the beauty and history of Moscow and I’m fond of sharing my passion and enthusiasm with visitors. Of course, I always try to give my guests the very recent and complete information available. I enjoy what I do, plain and simple.

Let me show you our magnificent city as I perceive it and I’m 100 % sure that you’ll fall in love with it as I did in my early childhood.

What other tourists say about Kate?

"Our guide Kate was the best! She was very knowledgeable and personable and we couldn’t have asked for a better time."

Winey, New York, USA

"An evening so well spent!! Had a wonderful time with Kate! She is super knowledgeable. She knew everything about every place!! She was flexible with the schedule and did not mind changing things around."

ModiModi, Singapore

"Our tour guide Kate was fantastic, prompt at meeting us at our hotel. She knew so much about Moscow and was passionate about it."

Ben K, Australia