Our core values

Our business is based on 3 core values: honesty, professionalism and friendliness. We believe that they are the key reason of our success and make us truly unique on the tourist market in Russia.

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Unfortunately, the tourist industry is often connected with dishonest behavior. Foreign visitors may be cheated in different ways, but our goal is to change it.

How does it work in Moscow Private Tours?

We have public and transparent pricing in Roubles (note, that quoting in foreign currency is illegal), we pay taxes, we don’t have hidden costs, we don’t have agreements with souvenir shops (it often happens in other companies that tourists pay double price and their guides get profit on that), we don’t cheat with customer reviews, we never lie to our customers, and we pay for the licensed images published on our website.

Our goal is to promote Russia as a tourist destination by providing exclusive city tours with top private guides. Setting up the highest standards in the industry, learning the best practices from all over the world and providing fast and convenient booking process helps us to offer a unique customer experience and to lead the market.

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Slava Kholopov CEO at Moscow Private Tours
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We feel a huge responsibility in terms of presenting our country and our city in the best way. Our motto is “Making Moscow your favorite destination” and this demands a lot from us.

How does it work in Moscow Private Tours?

Most of our profit goes to the guides (we actually pay more than any other company), that is why we hire the best professionals in the industry. When we open a new position we normally choose among 100-150 candidates. We have our own training programmes and internal certification process. We have the best in class booking process and our administrators are always ready to provide fast and relevant support.

We do our best to find individual approach to every Customer and cater to their needs and demands. We do our best to be always available and reply to the Customer’s queries as fast as possible.

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Anna Linnikova Customer Manager at Moscow Private Tours
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The private tours business is a very personalized one. We train our guides to be local friends for every single customer. This also helps us to avoid the job turning into routine, and to enjoy the friendship with people all around the world.

How does it work in Moscow Private Tours?

Well, first of all being friendly is a ‘must’ behavior, but it is hard to measure. Apart from smiling, showing respect and being positive we do some extra work in the company and have specific internal programmes, like psychological trainings for our guides on personal and special approach to different types of characters.

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