Hello everyone, I'm Svetlana and I live in Moscow. Although I wasn't born here, when someone asks me where I'm from, the answer that naturally comes to my mind is Moscow.

I moved here in 2005 from a city at the end of the world in Russia, and now I really identify with Moscow. Moscow is a city where I started my professional life and it has become a home to me, where I always feel connected. And the most important thing is that I love Moscow. You can find absolutely everything here: from the hustle and bustle of modern life to quiet streets and parks, from magnificent architectural monuments to bizarre modern art, from the mix of eras and traditions to the national "Russian spirit." From incredible theaters and museums to a vibrant nightlife.

But what makes the city of Moscow so unforgettable is its extraordinary concentration of life - its pulse and energy - driven by its residents and by the many events that happen every day. As I am a very active person, I immerse myself in the vibe of Moscow and try to explore all the opportunities that the city offers to the fullest. I know the city very well and in my free time, I ride my bike in the numerous parks, explore the unknown corners of the city, and meet with people - locals, tourists, and expatriates who live here - and they always inspire me.

Moscow doesn't leave anyone indifferent, and I am here to help you appreciate the beauty of this city, to feel the vibration of the heart of Russia. I will show you that if you fall in love with Moscow, that feeling will last forever!

What other tourists say about Svetlana?

"Nossa guia nos dois tours foi a Svetlana, muito profissional, competente, pontual, simpática, ficamos muito satisfeitos com a nossa escolha."

Berton, EUA

"A guia Svetlana fala português fluente e é muito atenciosa e agradável, além de competente no seu trabalho. Muito recomendado!"

André, Portugal

"Nossa guia Svetlana nos ajudou a conhecer, em detalhes, um pouco da historia Russa em um português perfeito!!!”"

Antonio, Brasil