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Kremlin and Armoury Tour

Private Skip-the-Line Tour

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The Kremlin is the heart of Moscow, the origin of the Russian statehood and the most visited tourist attraction in Moscow. The Russian President Residence and the largest acting castle (by territory) in Europe has absorbed the mix of medieval history, unique architecture, Orthodox religion, Tsars and Soviet heritage, Imperial treasures and many others.

Optional extras:

Metro tour - 1 hour 30 min

Tour Itinerary

  1. Hotel Pick-up

    Our guide will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. We will use the metro (tickets are included) to take you to the Kremlin.

  2. Entrance to the Kremlin

    The visit to the Kremlin begins from the 2 remarkable towers: Kutafya (the only existing tower outside of the walls) and Trinity Tower (the tallest Kremlin tower – over 80 meters). Between them lays a historical bridge over the river Neglinnaya which can’t be seen nowadays as it was taken into the underground tube at the beginning of XIX century.

  3. State Kremlin Palace

    Once you enter to the Kremlin you will see 2 massive buildings: on your left side is the Arsenal ( the biggest building in Moscow at the time of construction (1701) used to store arms and weapons) and on your right side is The State Kremlin Palace (the home to the famous Communist Party Congresses held during Soviet period).

  4. Senate

    This classical building housed the Governing Senate in Imperial Russia. Vladimir Lenin had his own office here during the Soviet era and today the whole building is the Working Residence of the Russian President. So, Mr Putin works here.

  5. Tsar Cannon

    This really huge cannon (6 meters long, 40 tonnes) is the biggest arm ever made in the whole Russian history. That is why it has the title “Tsar”. It is also the largest bombard by caliber (35 inches) in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. It was used at least once for real shooting

  6. Tsar Bell

    Can you imagine a 200 ton bell made of bronze, 6,14 meters high and 6,6 meters in diameter? Just visit the Kremlin with us to be impressed: not only by its size but also its beauty. However this bell is so heavy that nobody has heard it ringing.

  7. Ivan the Great Bell Tower (from outside)

    This remarkable bell tower is located right in the middle of the Kremlin. For a very long time it was forbidden to build anything higher than this bell-tower, so that was the tallest (81 meters) building in Russia until XVIII century. There are 21 bells and the biggest one weights over 65 tons (actually it is the biggest acting bell in the world).

  8. Assumption Cathedral

    This is perhaps the major attraction in the Kremlin. Built in the XV century by Italian architects it became the main Cathedral of Russia. This is the oldest building in Moscow which fully survived. That is where all the coronations of the Russian monarchs took place in the past. There are religious services in the Cathedral on special occasions.

  9. Frescoes

    The survived frescoes are truly unique. They were made by famous Dionisius (head of Moscow school of icon painters) back in 1481. The composition of paintings is complex but very well structured and full of sense.

  10. Archangel and Annunciation Cathedrals

    Archangel Cathedral was the main necropolis for the Russian Tsars and Grand Princes until the time of Peter The Great when he has moved the capital to St Petersburg. There are 54 tombs inside the Cathedral. The Cathedral of Annunciation was the personal chapel of the Russian Tsars and draws your attention not only with the bright golden onion domes but also with its decoration inside.

  11. The Armoury

    The Armoury is one of the oldest museums in Russia (starting from 1808) and its main treasury. The museum consists of 9 halls and hosts one of the richest collections in the world. Enjoy your licensed private tour there (lasts 1,5 hours) and skip-the-line tickets.

  12. Treasures

    The largest collection of Imperial Faberge eggs (10 eggs), regal thrones, Imperial carriages and other royal regalia. Also it has a very large collection of Western European and Eastern applied arts and jewels.

  13. Hotel Drop-off

    At the end of the tour we will take you back to your hotel or any other place you would prefer.