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Radisson Boat Tour

Moscow River Cruise

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The Radisson boat tour is a pleasant way to see the main attractions of Moscow from the board of a luxurious Radisson yacht. Our guide will take you to the boat from your hotel and will compliment your cruise with breathtaking stories.

Optional extras:

Metro tour - 1 hour 30 min

Tour Itinerary

  1. Hotel Pick-up

    Our guide will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. If you stay outside of the city area, we will offer you alternative meeting options. We will use the metro (tickets are included) to take you to the cruise starting point.

  2. Gorky Park

    The world famous park is also the most popular among Moscow citizens and city guests. Gorky Park was built in the Soviet times, but now it experiences its second youth as it has been recently renovated. A number of trendy restaurants, street food kiosks, sport playgrounds found their place in this cozy park. And this is actually the place where we embark and disembark.

  3. Radisson Yacht

    Radisson Yachts are modern, safe, comfortable and luxurious. There is a saloon with panoramic windows but also an open deck. You can order food and drinks in their onboard restaurant, if you wish. The yachts operate 365 days a year, even when the Moskva river gets frozen (yes, those yachts are icebreakers!).

  4. Christ the Savior Cathedral

    The main Russian Cathedral is situated on the bank of the Moskva River. With an overall height of 105 metres (344 ft), it is the tallest Orthodox church in the world. The Cathedral looks very nice from water: you may see the reflection of the golden domes on the water.

  5. Monument of Peter the Great and the Red October district

    Dominating the landscape, this controversial monument of Peter the Great stays right in the river and reminds us of the bright times of the Russian Navy. The “Red October” used to be the territory of the leading Soviet chocolate factory (which has moved now). It is a popular urban area now, that hosts clubs, restaurants and galleries.

  6. The Kremlin

    The legendary fortress is of course the well-known symbol of Moscow and Russia. The active residence of Russian President and the birthplace of the Russian Statehood. Should we mention that the whole complex is protected by UNESCO World Heritage organization. You will have a great opportunity to take amazing pictures from the open deck of the yacht.

  7. St Basil Cathedral

    This orthodox cathedral has the world-wide fame and is one of the most popular sights in Russia. The vivid colors of its domes together with the unique decoration style will impress your imagination. Our guide will tell you the most interesting stories and facts about this remarkable building.

  8. Stalin’s Skyscraper

    Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building is one of the so called “Seven Sisters” , which are also called Stalin’s skyscrapers. They all were built during the post war years, all projects are unique although they have similar architectural style.

  9. Back to Gorky Park and then to your hotel

    This is a round trip. The yacht will return to the starting point in Gorky Park. And our guide will take you back to your hotel.