Moscow by Car Tour

Private Driving Tour

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Enjoy the comfort of a car with personal driver when exploring the famous landmarks of Moscow around the city center. Get your camera ready for the perfect postcard view of the Kremlin from the Patriarch Bridge, enter the magnificent Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and discover its ‘hidden gem’ often missed by visitors without a guide; admire the picturesque walls of Novodevichy Convent, stroll through the Victory Park and Arbat street, see Moscow laying beneath your feet from the observation deck of Sparrow Hills.

Optional extras:

Metro tour - 1 hour 30 min

Tour Itinerary

  1. Hotel Pick-up

    Our guide will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. There also will be a driver waiting at your hotel entrance. The tour is done by car/minivan. We use licensed drivers with cars (up to 3 people) or minivans (4 – 7 people).

  2. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

    The main Russian Cathedral lays on the bank of the Moskva River. With an overall height of 105 metres (344 ft), it is the tallest Orthodox church in the world.

    • Who cursed the place of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral and why?
    • How would the world tallest and the most ambitious Soviet project look like?
    • Where was the world largest open swimming pool located?

  3. Pedestrian bridge over the Moscow river

    The pedestrian bridge over the Moscow river located next to the Cathedral is one of the most picturesque places for taking photos of the Kremlin and its surroundings.

    • Which area is the most trendy and fancy now in Moscow (restaurants, bars and nightclubs)?
    • Why did the House on the Embankment have the highest number of suicides?
    • Which of the TOP-10 world ugliest monuments is located in Moscow?

  4. New Maidens’ Convent

    Located near the Moscow River, this peaceful retreat from the bustling city includes a spectacular 16th-century convent and a picturesque pond.

    • What should you do to make your dreams come true?
    • How did locals save the Convent when Napoleon tried to destroy it?
    • What did Barbara Bush do to keep the number of ducks in this area?

  5. Sparrow Hills

    The best observation platform with an amazing panoramic view of Moscow and the Olympic Luzhniki stadium.

    • Why is Moscow also known as the “Third Rome” ?
    • How did the communists use this place during the revolution in 1917?
    • Why doesn’t the metro administration like the “Sparrow Hills” metro station?

  6. Stalin’s skyscrapers

    The Moscow State University is one of the most beautiful Stalin skyscrapers. During the tour you will have an opportunity to observe 3 out of 7 impressive buildings.

    • What was the top floor used for during the Soviet time?
    • How did the soviet engineers solve the problem of the weak ground?
    • What is the secret function of the fountains located nearby?

  7. Victory Park

    The Victory Park is a huge memorial complex commemorating the Great Patriotic War (World War II). The park includes endless fountains and monuments with a dominating 142m obelisk.

    • What does the number “1418” mean?
    • How did the camels serve to the Red Army?
    • Why were Spanish soldiers fighting together with the Russians?

  8. White House

    The remarkable building of the Russian parliament (also called the “White House”) played its dramatic role in the new country development in early 90s’.

    • What is the “Ukraine” hotel building remarkable for?
    • What is the connection between the Russian parliament and the Aeroflot (Russian Airlines) company?
    • Why was it one of the most popular places for taking pictures in 1993?

  9. Arbat Street

    The one-kilometer long pedestrianized street in the historical center of Moscow.

    • What was the best party ever organized by US embassy?
    • Which Russian rock star is believed to be “alive” after his death (just like Elvis Presley)?
    • Which restaurant was the best in Soviet times and how did its owner get it?

  10. Hotel Drop-off

    At the end of the tour we will take you back to your hotel or any other place you would prefer.