Soviet Moscow Tour

Private Walking Tour

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Book this tour to dive into the atmosphere of the Soviet Union. Stroll along the spacious Central Avenue of VDNKH Park, admire the intricate architecture of every pavilion, get refreshed from the sprinkles of majestic fountains. There is no other place in Moscow that can show you the best of the USSR period as it has recently been restored to its original looks of the 1960s – absolutely a must to visit! Want to enhance your experience? Add the Museum of Cosmonautics tour or a visit on top of Ostankino TV Tower!

Optional extras:

Metro tour - 1 hour 30 min

Space Museum Tour - 1 hour 30 min

Ostankino TV Tower Tour - 2 hours

Tour Itinerary

  1. Hotel Pick-up

    Our guide will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address and take a short metro ride with you to travel to the legendary VDNKH.

  2. Arch of the Main Entrance

    You will feel the scale of this place immediately upon seeing the Arch of the Main Entrance. We promise, the further you venture inside VDNKH, the more you will be impressed. It is a dream city that was created to show the best achievements of the Soviet Imperia!

  3. Central Avenue

    Stroll along the spacious Central Avenue of VDNKH and let your guide tell you why and how this place originated in the end of the 1930s. Make sure you pay attention to peculiar street lamps that resemble wheat spires symbolizing prosperity of the USSR!

  4. The Friendship of Nations Fountain

    This impressive fountain consists of 16 beautiful bronze women sculptures covered with plated gold. Each sculpture symbolizes one of the 16 Republics of the Soviet Union and is wearing a national costume. This fountain speaks for the fruitfulness of the USSR lands.

  5. Pavilions

    By 1989 VDNKH had 82 pavilions and now it has more than 500 permanent structures. 49 of them are objects of cultural heritage. Each of the original pavilions was devoted to a particular industrial or cultural field with the most beautiful of them representing the former Republics of the USSR. Naturally, it is impossible to see even half of them in one day but we will show you the most remarkable ones, starting from the grand Central Pavilion, and finishing at the Space Pavilion with its fantastic dome.

  6. The Stone Flower Fountain

    The Stone Flower Fountain overlooking the Ukraine Pavilion at VDNKH is amazing in its size and detail. The Flower in the center is decorated with smalt mosaics while the bronze figurines on the sides of the fountain depict feasts and horns of abundance. One can have a chair and rest here looking at the fountain.

  7. Legendary Aviation and Space Crafts

    See the legendary spacecrafts, such as Buran spaceship model used for test operations by Soviet cosmonauts (Soviet analogue of Space Shuttle) and the real Vostok rocket exhibited at the Industrial Square of VDNKH. Take a picture in front of Russian airplane YAK-42 and the legendary MI-8 helicopter.

  8. Bonus!

    While walking around you can fully immerse into the USSR times by trying out soviet street-food (hot corn, soviet-type ice-cream and fizzy drinks)!

  9. Monument to the Conquerors of Space

    Another tribute to the Soviet Union achievements – this monument on top of the Museum of Cosmonautics was erected in 1964 to celebrate the success of the USSR in space exploration.

  10. Space Museum Tour
    Closed on Mondays

    Add a private tour inside the Museum of Cosmonautics to enhance your Soviet era experience! The museum has a unique collection that tells about the flight of the first man around the Earth and other great achievements of the USSR in space research. Get inside the MIR space station, touch a real meteorite and a piece of the moon for good luck!

  11. Ostankino TV Tower Tour

    Get to the footsteps of Ostankino TV Tower (Europe’s highest TV tower, 560 meters), then go straight to the clouds to observe the city from the height of 337 meters! Some areas of the observation deck have a glass floor – would you dare?

  12. Back to your hotel

    At the end of the tour we will take you back to your hotel.