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Vladimir and Suzdal Tour

Private Full Day Tour

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The visit to Suzdal, one of the oldest Russian towns, takes you to the atmosphere of the mediaeval life in Russia, while Vladimir may impress by its rich history after being a capital of the Orthodox Russia in the past. Both of them are top tourist attractions and parts of the Golden Ring.

Tour Itinerary

  1. Hotel Pick-up

    Our guide will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. If you stay outside of the city area, we will offer you alternative meeting options. We will use the metro (tickets are included) to take you to the train station.

  2. Comfortable transfer
    Tickets included

    Usually this tour is offered as a driving tour from Moscow, which is very uncomfortable, as it may take 4-6 hours each way. We offer you a comfortable combination: a high-speed train (takes less than 2 hours) to Vladimir, where we will be met by a driver . He will stay with us for the whole day until our train departure back to Moscow.

  3. Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life
    Tickets included

    The Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life contains authentic wooden houses, churches, windmills which were brought here from the whole Suzdal region to create a unique atmosphere of Russian rural community of the 18th-19th centuries. All the buildings were constructed without a single nail. Get acquainted with everyday life of Russian peasants!

  4. Panorama

    During the quick ride to the next point of interest we will make a short stop to enjoy picturesque panorama of the town.

  5. Saviour Monastery of St. Euthymius
    Tickets included

    At the time of its foundation in 1352 Saviour Monastery of St. Euthymius was one of the 5 largest monasteries in Russia. The monastery used to host a prison from the times of Catherine the Great till 1939. It was also the place where the leader of the liberation war of the 17th century Dmitry Pozharsky was buried. The highlights of the visit are the wonderful so-called ‘Meadow’ chimes performed at the belltower every 60 minutes.

  6. Lunch

    We will take you to the top Suzdal’s restaurant for lunch where you will have 4-course menu (Russian and International cuisine). Vegeterian and gluten free options are also available.

  7. Suzdal Kremlin
    Tickets included

    Suzdal Kremlin traces back to the 10th century and the times of reign of Vladimir Monomakh. Unlike other Kremlins its walls have not survived, but the buildings on the inside territory are perfectly preserved. One of them is the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin with its blue domes and shiny golden stars dominates the scenery. UNESCO protected, it startles the visitors with its domes and 800-year old Golden Gates.

  8. Assumption Cathedral
    Tickets included

    The Dormition Cathedral was built in 1158-1160 by the order of Prince Andrew the Pious. Striving for political independence, Andrew wanted this cathedral to be the main cathedral of his lands and invited the most talented craftsmen from the cities of Kiev, Galich, from Greece and Germany. The Cathedral was expanded several times and in the 15th century it was repainted inside by one of the most famous icon-painters of that period – Andrey Rublev. Some of the fragments of the frescoes have survived till our days. The magnificent interiors of the Cathedral were richly decorated in Barocco style by the orders of Empress Catherine the Great in the 18th century.

  9. The Cathedral of St. Demetrius

    Built in the 12th century as a private chapel for Prince Vsevolod “The Big Nest”, this Byzantine-style cathedral is famous for more than 600 rich white-stone carvings on its walls. The decorations represent creatures and scenes from the Bible, as well as Prince Vsevolod himself and some of the most famous rulers of the world such as Alexander the Great, King David and King Solomon.

  10. The Golden Gates Museum
    Tickets included

    The Golden Gates are the only gates out of 7 protecting Vladimir which survived during the Mongol siege of the city in 1238. It is now the only example of ancient Russian gates still standing. There is a small church on top of the Gates.

  11. Hotel drop-off

    At the end of the tour we will take the train and take you back to your hotel.