The whole world knows Moscow as the capital of the largest country on the planet. As the capital of the multinational country Moscow is full of people of different nationalities, cultures and traditions. Do you think my name is Russian? Absolutely not! There are more than 185 ethnic groups in Russia and each of them has its own language and culture. I belong to the Tatars and was born in a small town close to Kazan which under Ivan the Terrible became a part of the Russian state. That’s why in Moscow you can meet people of different nationalities. You can find here not only Orthodox churches but churches of other confessions too, you can have a delicious dinner in traditional Russian restaurants or taste the savoury ethnic cuisine, you can hear the masterpieces of Russian classics or captivating motives of unknown parts of Russia.

Visiting Moscow you will open the wonderful and mysterious world of Russia. You will feel its spirit and mood, touch the stones that remember fatal and turning moments of centuries, stroll through the old streets and places where the greatest men of the world history used to enjoy the beauty of the city. I have to warn you: the city will enchant you and you fall in love with it.

I’m happy to have a chance to show you all the colors and delights of our exciting city, you will be totally overjoyed and full of impressions!

What other tourists say about Sirine?

"We had such a charming lovely guide named Sirine , educated , cultural , very professional , an expert who answered all our questions with patience and kindness , we couldn’t find a better way to get familiar with Moscow and the Russian culture. During the tour we had a little crisis which she handled in a perfect manner( though it wasn’t her job – she just cared ) and we were so grateful for her help."

235yoramf, Tel Aviv District, Israel

"My tour guide for the Moscow Must See tour was Sirine and she was absolutely awesome. Not only did I see a lot and learn a lot, but I had a lot of fun. I saved the Kremilin for my next visit though and that was a good idea – there was so much to see and do already. I scheduled my tour for 11am at the end of November and it worked out perfectly, ending with the traditional lunch as an early evening meal, perfect for the season."

Katerina L, Huntsville, Alabama, United States

"A wonderful way to see Moscow – Sirine was not only a very knowledgable guide but she gave us an insight into life for everyday Russians in the 21st century which was fascinating for a first time visitor. We tried Pirozhi at a small bakery and enjoyed lunch at a restaurant specialising in traditional Russian food…"

593AngelaF593, Brisbane, Australia