The Trinity Lavra in Sergiev Posad is a part of the legendary Golden Ring of Russia and a unique architectural masterpiece protected by UNESCO World Heritage organization. It is the main acting Orthodox monastery (also “called Russian Vatican”) which played a significant role in the history of Russia.

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Duration: 7 hours
Available: daily at 8.30am
Transportation: metro/train
Activity level: Moderate
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Metro Tour

Tour highlights

Pick-up at your hotel

Hotel Pick-up

Our guide will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. If you stay outside of the city area, we will offer you alternative meeting options. We will use the metro (tickets are included) to take you to the train station.

Comfortable train to Sergiev Posad

Comfortable train

The fastest and the most comfortable way to get to Sergiev Posad is by train. We will start our journey from the Yaroslavskiy railway station and it will take around 1 hour to get there. We have prepared some amazing stories to make your journey enhtralling.

The view of the Trinity Lavra

The view of the Trinity Lavra

Once we arrive, there is a 10 minutes scenic walk to the Lavra. Your first impression awaits you at the observation deck where you can enjoy a magnificent view of this monastery.

The Entrance to the Lavra

The Entrance to the Lavra

The Lavra is surrounded by mighty walls and towers. As it is often happened in the past monastery has been used as a fortress. These walls witnessed some of the major battles and heroic defense that played an important role in the whole Russian history. Official Lavra’s guide will join us just in front of the entrance to complement our profound tour.

The Holy Gate

The Holy Gate

Only the Patriarch and the Imperator of Russia had permission to pass through the Holy Gate in the past, but now everyone can enjoy its breath-taking beauty. The frescoes tell us about the life of Saint Sergius.

The territory

The Territory

The territory of the Lavra is tightly packed with the state-of-the-art objects built in XV-XIX centuries by leading Russian masters. There are over 50 buildings of different purposes and all of them are worth paying attention. The Cathedral is acting one, there are monks living there and religious services taking place every day.

Trinity Cathedral in Sergiev Posad

Trinity Cathedral

The Trinity Cathedral is the main and the oldest cathedral of the Lavra. It was built in the XV century exactly at the same place where Sergius built the first wooden church by himself. Since then the Trinity Cathedral remains the ultimate goal for the pilgrims.

The relics of Sergius of Radonezh

The relics of Saint Sergius

Sergius of Radonezh is the spiritual leader of the medieval Russia and one of the Russian Orthodox Church's most highly respected saints. His relics are now placed in the Trinity Cathedral, which he founded. There is always a queue of pilgrims coming to this place to bow and pay respect to the Saint. You may hear never ending religious songs near his beautiful reliquary.

Assumption Cathedral in Sergiev Posad

Assumption Cathedral

The Assumption Cathedral may remind you of the Assumption Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin and indeed they have many things in common apart from the name. The architecture is similar but this Cathedral is bigger than its “brother” in the Kremlin. By being the most massive building in the Lavra it is beautifully incorporated in the complex without overwhelming the other small churches around.

Hotel drop-off

Hotel drop-off

At the end of the tour we will take you back to your hotel or any other place you would prefer.

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